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  • Sales experts that understand technology

  • Instant local presence

  • Large network & over 20 years experience

  • Proven methodology

  • Scale up quickly

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SDR as a Service offers fully outsourced lead generation for B2B IT and SaaS companies. Send us your details and we’ll get back to you to schedule a timeslot to talk.

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    About SDR as a Service

    SDR as a Service is an Aexus label. Aexus is the market leader in sales & marketing for tech and software companies. SDR as a Service offers fully outsourced lead generation for B2B IT and SaaS companies.

    Our team of experienced new business professionals has a very large existing network within the European IT sector. Besides, they are highly experienced in selling enterprise software and professional services.

    Thanks to our years of specialization in and focus on the technology segment, we also possess extensive market knowledge and have a deep understanding about the latest and most advanced technologies.

    We work for:

    • Companies that want to

      launch a new service

    • Companies that want to

      enter a new market

    • Companies that want to temporarily

      boost their sales activities

    • Companies that want to

      completely outsource their SDR work

    • Companies that have

      too few SDR resources and temporarily hire extra capacity

    • Companies that want to

      benchmark their own SDR team

    Clients about us


    “Other sales companies lacked the focus on outbound commercial activities we required. Outbound sales were often only a part of their services portfolio. More importantly, none of the sales outsourcing companies we spoke to had a track record in cloud based software solutions.”


    “We have been able to penetrate accounts in various verticals, across Europe, within a short period of time.”


    “They were able to arrange the first meetings and organize the first roadshows very quickly. We found it very exciting that our offering was so well-received internationally, even by large enterprises and brands!”

    Wayne Parker kent

    “Aexus helps us to penetrate accounts at the right level and they ensure a good qualification for the first appointment”

    Why SDR as a Service?

    Sales Development Representatives are expensive: recruiting, selecting, onboarding, training and mentoring an SDR may
    cost your organization more than 100.000 €.

    In addition, staff turnover amongst SDR’s can be high. Your best SDRs are ambitious and may wish to grow into other sales positions relatively soon.
    This poses a challenge to the continuity of your lead gen activities. SDR as a Service provides a fast, effective, cost efficient and low risk solution.

    Quality and continuity

    Prospecting is a (very) important part of the sales process. By approaching the right companies and organizations and bringing your products and services to their attention in the most optimal manner, you will be able to fill your pipeline with qualified leads.

    By working with SDR as a Service, the continuity and quality of your lead generation will be guaranteed.

    Cost efficient & scalable

    When you outsource your SDR team to SDR as a Service, you will save considerably on recruiting, selecting, onboarding, training and coaching new sales employees

    Within two weeks, you will have one or more new (external) SDR colleagues. They have an affinity with IT and are trained and coached by our experienced managers. You will be able to start your prospecting activities on the shortest possible notice.

    Proven methodology & network

    Over the years we have developed processes and procedures that allow for a programmatic approach. We study every product or service that we add to our portfolio extensively and conduct research into the segment, company or even the person we are focusing on: what are developments and trends in the market? What are the plans and challenges the prospect and his / her organization are facing? Oftentimes, we assume an advisory role. This way, we ensure we tell the right story to the appropriate person in the most relevant organizations. As a result, our clients perceive us as trusted consultants that are providing relevant information.

    Meet the team

    Jos van der Meulen

    Jos van der Meulen

    Jos is co-owner of Aexus and has been active in the role of managing partner since July 2010. Before joining Aexus, Jos served in various commercial roles in leading IT and high-tech companies, including Easynet (later BSkyB), Servecast and Debitel.

    Chris Gerretsen

    Chris Gerretsen

    Chris is the founder of Aexus (est. 2000), the leading sales & marketing organization for tech & software companies in Europe and the US. As such, Chris has been working with startups and scale-ups on a daily basis, helping them to become successful in the European and US markets.

    Maurits Kool

    Maurits Kool

    Maurits is Sales Manager and responsible for the Aexus & SDRaaS office in Amsterdam, where he manages the team of talented salespeople. After previous commercial roles within both SME and large Enterprise companies, his role is now to further grow SDRaasS.

    Nils van de Scheur

    Nils van de Scheur

    Nils van de Scheur is salesmanager within SDR as a Service, leading a team of international sales experts. Nils has been succesfully managing a portfolio of innovative partners at Aexus since 2019. Before starting at Aexus he has helped several technological scale ups grow their business commercially within the Benelux region.

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    SDR as a Service offers fully outsourced lead generation for B2B IT and SaaS companies.
    Send us your details and we’ll get back to you to schedule a timeslot to talk.

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