Actually, we prefer to call our clients partners as that is how we operate together and is a better description of our relationship. On top of this, we’ve been making tech companies more successful for over twenty years which means we’ve worked with some well-known names in the tech domain. What’s more, we even work across a multitude of sectors, so we’ve had partners in agriculture, medicine, finance and more.  

Take a look at the companies below to see who we’ve been working with.

6 River Systems

“Not only is SDR as a Service helping us to set meetings and penetrate new accounts; they’ve also helped to create more uniformity across the globe in our lead generation process. The curve is definitely up!”


“They were able to arrange the first meetings and organize the first roadshows very quickly. We found it very exciting that our offering was so well-received internationally, even by large enterprises and brands!”


“We have been able to penetrate accounts in various verticals, across Europe, within a short period of time.”


“Other sales companies lacked the focus on outbound commercial activities we required. Outbound sales were often only a part of their services portfolio. More importantly, none of the sales outsourcing companies we spoke to had a track record in cloud based software solutions.”

Wayne Parker Kent

“Aexus helps us to penetrate accounts at the right level and they ensure a good qualification for the first appointment”

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