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When you are building up your business in a new territory and you want to accelerate your sales, you have a number of options. The traditional route would suggest that you hire your own people and wait for them to get acquainted with the market and eventually become successful. This could take a lot of time, particularly if they have to learn a new language, get acquainted with the new territory and gain an understanding of all the cultural nuances that can make or break a deal. With Aexus though, we already have people on the ground who are ready to get your sales development off to the best possible start. We can actually help you to build your business from scratch in the new territory. What’s more, our people work to proven methodologies, are data driven and work with all the latest tools and technologies in order to streamline their activities. Our sales development team uses a wide variety of reach out methods which we’ll cover in more detail later, but in short, we’re happy to use phone calls, emails and social media as well as attending events and exhibitions. By covering all these bases with our SDR as a Service, we can give your sales development the boost it needs in any new territory.  

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SDR as a Service offers fully outsourced lead generation for B2B IT and SaaS companies.
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