SDR outsourcing versus inhouse SDRs

September 13, 2022

That Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are vital to your business has never been in question. Not only do they reach out to and qualify potential new customers, but they also qualify inbound leads and provide accurate reports to help you make real time business decisions. You would be lost without them. And, if you’re planning to scale to a new territory anytime soon, that’s a genuine possibility. You see, the SDRs you have at home have some significant advantages that you may not even have registered yet. First of all they have been with you for some time so know your product inside out, they are either local to your area or have become assimilated to it and as they’re working in the market every day, they understand how business is done in your territory.

Outside the comfort zone

The trouble is that once you step outside this comfort zone, none of those things exist anymore. On top of that, if you’re trying to set up a new office and navigate paperwork for a new territory, potentially in a new language, the last thing you need is recruitment worries added on top of everything else. So what do you do? You can’t risk taking any of your SDR resource from your home company as they are the ones providing the revenue that’s funding this expansion in the first place. Also, finding SDRs to hire in your new territory will be a long process with a proper onboarding eating up even more time. Don’t forget too that you will need to give your new employees time to become successful which means you may not even make a single sale for months.

Difficult to retain

On top of this and as you probably already know, SDRs are notoriously difficult to retain and if this happens to you, what was already an uphill will struggle could well turn into a vertical cliff face. There is of course another way and not only is it cost effective but it also practically eliminates risk. 

All in the package

Remember the list of advantages your SDRs had in your home country? Well, that’s what every outsourced SDR has in your new territory. With Aexus’ SDR as a Service (Sales Development Representative as a Service) you get SDRs that are local to the area you’re operating in, whether that’s Europe, the Americas or the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Not only do they speak the local language, but they also understand the culture and the business nuances of the market. What’s more, because they work in the market every day, they are armed with a list of contacts which means they can rapidly identify genuine prospects for your product or service. In fact, if you so desired, you could even use SDRaaS to test the market’s appetite for your product without you ever having to set foot in the new territory. And, with no long term contracts, you have the flexibility to scale up or down as you wish and should you want to terminate the service, there are no lengthy exit clauses.

To sum up, Aexus’ SDRs are already have a presence in your territory, have an in-depth knowledge of the tech sector, are sales as a service experts and they work within a proven methodology.

So, if you want to scale more quickly than you’d be able to do through traditional methods, get in touch. We’re always more than happy to jump on a call.

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