SDR interview – with Joël Lindner

November 2, 2021

We all know that there is no specific educational route into becoming a Sales Development Representative. That doesn’t mean that just anyone can do it though. It requires life skills, soft skills, some things self-learnt and some things taught. Above all else though, having a belief in yourself and a desire to get the job done, even when it seems like the world is against you, is essential. This is the character and inner confidence we look for. Of course, our SDRs all have these qualities in abundance but despite the common traits, they are all individuals, and they all found their own route here. That’s why we thought now was the time to gain a greater insight into some of our brightest stars.    

In this instance, we asked Joël to share his story with us.

Professional Philosophy

Always be true to yourself.

My route into becoming an SDR wouldn’t necessarily be considered conventional. I assume most people leave college or university and apply to the first SDR role they find as it’s an opening position and starting at the bottom is never going to hurt your career. In fact, it’s something to be lauded but I’ll get on to that later. For me, the route had already seen me in a number of sales roles though I was not completely satisfied with them. I found their scope to be a little limited and any chance for progression slow. What I had been satisfied with though were the circumstances as I got to live and work in New York City as well as work and study in the North East of England. This was actually my second stint at university. I had already previously completed a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Sales in Nijmegen, before taking a Masters in international Business Management at Northumbria University where I achieved a First.

Upon returning to the Netherlands, I was contacted by Francesca from Aexus. You may remember her as the International Recruiter, and she said she had found my profile on LinkedIn. Without wishing to blow my own trumpet, she told me that the company were impressed with my level of study, my ability to work in foreign languages and my international experience. What interested me from the opposite direction was that this was an opportunity with a clear direction of travel. Up! Some people think that given my previous roles that this is a step backwards. I disagree. This step provides me with a bigger run up and a better chance of hitting my goals. With Aexus, I know I can do that.

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