Meet the Team: Mesut Kutun

June 15, 2022

We all know that there is no specific educational route into becoming a Sales Development Representative. That doesn’t mean that just anyone can do it though. It requires life skills, soft skills, some things self-learnt and some things taught. Above all else though, having a belief in yourself and a desire to get the job done, even when it seems like the world is against you, is essential. This is the character and inner confidence we look for. Of course, our SDRs all have these qualities in abundance but despite the common traits, they are all individuals, and they all found their own route here. That’s why we thought now was the time to gain a greater insight into some of our brightest stars.    

In this instance, we asked Mesut to share his story with us.

Professional Philosophy

“You have to keep going. You can’t win if you give up!”

I was born in Ludwigshafen in Germany and that’s a city that’s really mixed in terms of nationalities and races. So, I grew up playing with kids from all kinds of cultural backgrounds which was great. I also played football at school where I was a defender. I know it’s the strikers who grab all the headlines but I loved being in that team. Being a defender is as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one. You have to be able to adapt to scenarios quickly and think about how you can best respond. All of this happens in a flash, so you have to be able to think on your feet (pun intended) in a pressure situation and not panic. It’s as much of a lesson in life as it is in sport.

After I finished school, I wanted to work and travel after my abitur, but between one thing and another, I wasn’t able to go. So, I had a year at home, working a little to get some money, enjoying my free time and playing computer games with my friends. I knew though that this was just a holiday and I’d have to get back to my studies. I started looking at places to go and courses to study. I was fortunately accepted everywhere I applied, so decided to go to my top choice, which was Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences (UAS). And, after 5 years, I had bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Immediately after university, I did a six month internship at a Med-Tech start -up in Berlin. I was working as a technical sales manager and although at the time I didn’t know I’d end up at Aexus, the tasks were very similar to that of an SDR. I had to do prospecting, cold calling, trying to generate meetings and so on. I then opened an ice cream parlour with my brother. It’s still running, so if you find yourself in Mannheim, stop by for a cup. But, this is where I had to consult, convince and sell to the public. I knew though that I wanted a sales role where I could really grow. 

So, I found an open position at Aexus and applied. I think I had three rounds of interviews and then they made me an offer. I like that they appreciate an entrepreneurial spirit and I also knew that I’d have variety in terms of working with multiple partners at the same time. Also, I know that the training will help me to reach my goals. I want to become an expert negotiator

Right now, I’m just trying to master my craft but I have a great manager and the supportive atmosphere between my colleagues and I is very reassuring, I’m working hard, learning lots and I know the people above me will make me a BDM when I’m ready. 

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