Five advantages of Sales Development Representative as a Service

August 24, 2020

Continuity is one of the most important conditions in the case of tech sales. Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are a crucial element when approaching potential customers, but juniors either develop fast or change jobs. There is a risk of carefully gained knowledge disappearing from your organisation. You can resolve this with SDR as a Service.

1) Sales experts with an affinity with technology

To sell technology, an SDR must be able to explain how a product or service works and answer complicated questions on the matter satisfactorily. Being able to convey something in an understandable manner does not mean a service is easy to understand. In the case of tech sales, an affinity with technology is vital and that is exactly what our staff are selected on.

2) On site fast

Our SDR can make a quick start in markets you are not on yet. Or a market in which it is difficult to get a hold, for whatever reason. Opening an office and recruiting local staff is expensive, especially when the return on investment is still uncertain. By working together with an SDR as a Service, you can test new markets in a low-threshold manner.

3) The certainty of a large network and 20 years of experience

Our SDRs can pride themselves on very vast knowledge and expertise and the extensive experience of our organisation, built up during the past 20 years. SDR as a Service also has a large database of contacts that may be relevant to your organisation too and we have personal relations with a large number of companies that we helped out successfully in the past.

4) Proven methodology

We believe in quality rather than quantity. Three or four very relevant and well-prepared meetings are more effective than fifty cold calls. Before we approach someone, we study the background, interests, plans and challenges of the organisation/person we want to contact. This enables us to focus our story entirely on the segment, the organisation and the person we wish to contact, with higher conversions and better results (turnover!).

5) Scaling up fast

As a tech or software organisation, you want to be able to scale up fast. However, good recruitment takes time, time you don’t have. The same goes for training. That is why we always have technically skilled SDRs who can instantly offer support when the situation demands it.

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