Omnichannel Outreach

september 6, 2022

Omnichannel outreach is becoming more and more important in modern go-to-market strategies, particularly for tech companies. Ultimately, you are looking to identify relevant channels and sign them up as partners. Most commonly, these channels range from consultancies and distributors to system integrators and Value Added Resellers (VARs). In reality though, it can be any company that can take your product into their portfolio and re-sell it to end clients. Despite the challenges of building the relationship with the channel and keeping them motivated, there is an opportunity for a win-win situation that benefits the businesses and the customers. 

Consistent customer experience

For a start, omnichannel outreach allows you to ensure a consistent customer experience across all channels which helps to build trust, improve customer engagement and aid retention. That’s because you can integrate communication mediums which means you can connect with customers via their preferred channels. By targeting people in both online and offline environments you make both your communication and your product more accessible allowing for frictionless engagement and an extremely streamlined path to purchase.

Deep research

It is well documented that B2B procurement offices will conduct an average of 12 searches before making any contact about a sale. The reason for the deep research is a matter of trust versus risk and that’s an opportunity for the omnichannel model to provide optimum transparency and open communications to build the required level of trust. With that in mind, there are some tactics you can use to maximise the efficiency of your omnichannel outreach.

Relevant channels

Firstly, you should make sure that you are using all available and relevant channels. This should give your buyers the convenience and flexibility they want. As mentioned before, this gives the consumer the opportunity to hear your message in their preferred format, which not only means that your message is more likely to be heard but it is also more likely to be remembered. Your strategy should also integrate these channels to create a common experience across all touchpoints. So, instead of relying on physical stores, trade shows and other distributors, you can integrate and enhance your presence by using online channels such as email, video, social media and messaging apps. You can also hold virtual events like a webinar or live stream and use tools like Vimeo and YouTube.

Many balls in the air

Having so many balls in the air at once may prove difficult to manage though so you may want to consider hiring an SDR team to get this up and running and give it the momentum it needs to keep on producing results. In fact, if you were to collaborate with SDR as a Service, you’d find we have a vast network of connections with distributors and resellers who could add real value to your organisation. What’s more, not only do we know these companies and understand their corporate culture but we can also operate anywhere across Europe, the United States and the Asia Pacific region.   

To see how Aexus could benefit your omnichannel outreach operations, get in touch. We’re always happy to jump on a call. 


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