Four conditions for successful SDR’s

augustus 24, 2020

Outsourced sales are now widely accepted but some organisations still have doubts about outsourcing matters that are always being dealt with by their own staff. SDR as a Service fully understands those doubts, which is why we pay a lot of attention to creating an environment in which SDRs can be successful. Below, we explain what we look out for.

1) Good training

To ensure our SDRs are effective in other organisations from day one, we make sure they know all there is to know about the programme of the party they will be working for. The SDRs must be able to explain the programme to potential customers as if it is the only thing they have ever done. Together with the organisation in question, we therefore organise intensive training sessions. This guarantees a solid onboarding process but that’s not all. Our SDRs continuously study the segment, the customer and even the person they focus on with the aim of conveying a highly relevant message and adding a maximum amount of value in the process.

2) Affinity with technology

An above-average interest in and experience with technology are vital elements. They say a good salesperson can sell anything but innovative technology can get fairly complicated for him or her as well, especially when he or she has no affinity with it. That is why we only select specialists.

3) A structured approach

Our SDRs apply a highly structured approach. During the past 20 years, we have developed processes and procedures which are constantly being refined. This enables us to perform our work in a programmatic manner. Examples include processes, structures and procedures for onboarding, reports, preparing meeting reports and monitoring the entire process. Our experience has taught us this is how we achieve the best results. 

4) A customised approach 

It would be a waste of time to approach parties when you knew in advance it would not lead to anything within this context. That is why our SDRs aim for quality rather than quantity. They select the correct approach for every specific customer. At times, this may be by telephone, at other times it will be by e-mail or social networks such as LinkedIn or Xing. They study the segment and the end customer, they look at current developments and trends. They also look at the plans and challenges of a specific party and how the solution we come up with can be of significance in this respect. This customised approach sets us apart from shallow call centres and considerably increases our chances of success.


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