A Day in the Life of an SDR

augustus 9, 2022

The alarm goes off at seven and it takes me about an hour to get to the office. That’s why I need the time between seven and eight to get a light breakfast, have a shower and drink enough coffee to jolt me into action. The commute is of course a chore but it does at least give me the chance to catch up with my social media, personal email and the day’s headlines. The good thing about this is that when I arrive at the office, I’m ready to start working. I don’t have to go through the whole process of getting to work and then getting ready to work. I’ve already done this on the tram. Anyway, I grab another coffee before I log on and then open all the tools I’m going to need that day, like slack, emails and calendar. Sometimes in the mornings, we have stand-up meetings where we discuss progress, strategy and tactics but not today. Today, I’m starting straight away. 

Before I left last night, I’d already planned what I was going to do today. So, for this one particular client, I’m going to do twenty outbound calls and send twenty emails. The only thing is that with the emails, I need to do a little more research on all of them. This is so I can make each email personalised to the recipient and their circumstances. This allows me to establish rapport from the get-go and can help build the relationship faster. I like to make my calls in the morning before people become bogged down in meetings or out of office work. The same is true for emails. Even though people can get emails on their mobile devices, if they’re going to pay attention to it, I’d prefer they were at their desks. That’s why I prefer my emails to arrive in the prospect’s inbox before lunch. In fact, I have a one-on-one with my manager at lunch today which is kind of a coaching meeting, so I will need to make sure my calls and emails are out of the way by then. I also have a scheduled call with a lead at one, so it’s busy but at least it’s organised.       

After eating a sandwich al desko, I’ll take a short walk just to get a breath of fresh air before getting back to it. This afternoon I’m writing a final report for one of my partners. These reports are so important all the way through the process. Not only are they a comprehensive record of the progress that’s being made but they are also an opportunity to see if the strategy is working as it should. If not of course, you have the chance to tweak it and spend more time on the things that are working.      

After I’ve finished the report, I’m going to take some time to update Pipedrive, check to see if there have been any replies to the emails I sent earlier today and do some research for tomorrow’s activities.  In fact, I already know I’ve got a meeting with the Benelux SDR team tomorrow where we’re going to be talking about upcoming topics and will do some interactive learning sessions. There’s also a meeting between my partners and some prospect companies so I hope I get to go to that as it’s really good for my product knowledge.

Anyway, it’s home time. I’m done for today but already excited about tomorrow.

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