What are the responsibilities of an SDR?

Juli 18, 2022

SDRs are crucial to the sales process. It’s a common misconception that all they do is outreach as in fact, their list of responsibilities is quite a long one. Ultimately, they are of course responsible for qualifying leads at the initial stages in the sales funnel but to be able to do this effectively there are other responsibilities that they need to take care of first.

Present the company

You only get one chance to make a first impression and it is quite likely if you’re scaling to a new territory that an SDR will be the first person to present your company to a prospect. To do this properly, they need to know your company inside out and be able to speak and write in your corporate tone of voice. Fortunately, our SDRs are well versed in tech and can adapt their communication to present you in the way you want to be presented.

Reach out to prospects

SDRs need to reach out to potential customers using a mix of email, telemarketing, social media and face-to-face contact at conferences and events. This means they need to do a lot of research on companies and on the prospects to make sure they are talking to the right person and have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Build relationships with potential customers

The desired outcome of a reach out in the first instance is that you get a positive response. This allows the SDR to start to build a relationship with the prospect and prime them for a sale before they meet the BDM. This means that the SDR needs to be able to communicate with a wide range of people across various mediums and also have the ability to build a bond that leads to a relationship.

Qualify leads from inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is when a potential customer has shown an interest in your product or service and contacts your directly by responding to content or filling out a landing page form. While this situation might seem ideal, not every inbound lead will result in a sale, so the SDR still has a lot of work to do here.

Be the solution

SDRs need to be able to get to the heart of the problem the prospect is facing and sell the aspect of the product or service that solves that specific problem. This involves great communication skills and the ability to get people to open up to you. The SDRs will also need to know the right questions to ask to get the answers they need.

Set up meetings between hot prospects and the BDM 

This is another responsibility of the SDR and to be able to get to this stage of the process, the SDR will have had to build up enough of a relationship with the prospect that they are willing to accept a meeting.   

Write Reports

It’s very important to write detailed reports that get straight to the point and stick to the facts. This gives a clear indication of all the progress that is being made and this gives you the opportunity to review the strategy and perhaps put more focus onto areas that are showing greater success.

If you think you could handle these responsibilities, you can find all of our vacancies here. Alternatively, send your CV to Alexandra Melicov via email or, if you have any questions, send her a WhatsApp

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