Tools Every SDR Should Have

August 23, 2022

SDRs have a difficult job and have to work extremely hard at it to become successful. Therefore it’s really helpful for sales development representatives to have some tools that can really help them streamline their operations. Fortunately for them, there does seem to be a tool for every step of the process, whether you’re trying to find leads, schedule cold calls, need help with client qualification or want assistance with automating audience segmentation. The immediate benefit of tools of course is that if automation can take away a routine, repetitive and distracting task, it leaves the SDR free to concentrate on more important jobs. What’s more, many SDR tools can also be integrated into the ones you’re using already, helping you to streamline your process even more. They will make it easier to gather data-driven insights to ensure the sales process is as efficient as possible. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones:


You don’t have to be an SDR to like Zoom and as a testament to its popularity, it was already famous long before ‘lockdown’ became one of the world’s most overused words. It owes its success to the fact that it’s versatile and flexible and is the ideal tool for presenting remotely. It also has an integration suite that allows it to interact with other SDR tools, streamlining communication and making data collection easier. 


Instead of focussing on the end goal, Pipedrive helps you focus on each step you need to take to get there. If you schedule lots of activities such as phone call or an email, Pipedrive will remind you what needs to be taken care of next and monitor your progress to provide you with accurate analytics. It also provides you with real time reports so you can check that you’re on schedule and change tactics if necessary.


SalesHive is a platform that gives SDRS an advantage in outbound lead generation. With this tool, you can generate cold leads and engage with them through cold emails, phone calls, and LinkedIn messages. What’s more, users can set up their email domain and then get access to SalesHive’s large profile database. That means this tool may be of most use to 

SDRs who are already performing lead generation through LinkedIn.


That Calendly is a simple meeting management tool is not its most impressive feature. It’s that a sales development representative can easily set it up and use it to highlight their availability each week that makes it such an attractive application. They can then share that link to their Calendly schedule so people can set- up meetings accordingly. What’s more, the free version should be enough for most people’s needs.

Uplead Email Finder

Uplead Email Finder makes your job a whole lot easier by generating highly qualified leads and their email addresses practically on command. Simply input the characteristics of your customer persona, and instantly find all the leads fitting that description with validated email addresses. So, not only can you make sure your address lists have fresh date but you can also use this tool to verify your old lead lists, making sure you are fully up-to-date. 

Obviously this is only a snapshot of the tools that are available and many more are coming online all the time. It is worth thinking about though that if you can use a tool to make your job easier, streamline your operations or give you a greater chance of success then it’s a bit of a no brainer that you should look into it and should you find a tool you like, perhaps your whole team could benefit from it. 


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