Strengths of SDR as a Service

Juni 27, 2022

When you’re scaling to a new country, you need a reliable team on the ground that you can trust. Many people are still sold on the idea of doing it all themselves and hiring an office, employing a team and so on. This is beginning to change though. More modern thinking would seem to suggest that outsourcing is the way forward as the cost and risks associated with the other model could have devastating consequences. Yet, even those who are convinced by SDRaaS as a concept are not necessarily sure about how it would work in practice. Below, we will try to explain the main advantages, strengths and the benefits SDR as a Service can bring to your business. 

SDRaaS Gives You Sales Experts

When you start working with SDR as a Service from Aexus, not only are you getting someone with the technical knowledge to understand your product but you are also getting a sales expert. Their prospecting skills are second to none and that means they will be bringing your product to the attention of the right companies and organisations in the most efficient and effective manner. What’s more, all of the SDRs have been personally trained and mentored by our experienced managers which means the quality and consistency of the qualified leads that are coming into your pipeline is practically guaranteed.  

Go To Market Faster

Our SDRs are ready to start quickly and give you a head start in the market you want to scale to.  You don’t even need to be active in that market yet. But, our SDRs are active in it every day so, they understand the business landscape and the market dynamics meaning you can start your operations at pace. Also, they speak the language and understand the local culture in terms of the way to get things done. If you intend to enter a market cold and establish a whole office setup, it is very expensive, and certainly risky. It would be much more prudent to use SDR as a Service to test the appetite of the market for your product and then open an office when you are more established in that territory.

Cost Efficient and Scalable

When you outsource your SDR team to SDR as a Service, you will save considerably on recruiting, selecting, onboarding, training and coaching new sales employees. What’s more, an SDR as a Service team can be scaled up or down quickly to meet changing business demands.

Proven Methodology

We believe in quality rather than quantity. Three or four very relevant and well-prepared meetings are more effective than fifty cold calls. Before we approach someone, we study the background, interests, plans and challenges of the organisation/person we want to contact. This enables us to focus our story entirely on the segment, the organisation and the person we wish to contact, with higher conversions and better results (turnover!).

To see how our SDR as a Service teams can bring their strengths to your business, get in touch. We’re always happy to jump on a call.


SDR as a Service bietet vollständig ausgelagerte Lead-Generation für B2B-IT- und SaaS-Unternehmen.
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