Meet the Team: Tom Westeneng

November 2, 2020

What did you do before you started at SDRaaS?

„Before starting my professional career, I studied business economics at the Hogeschool Amsterdam. After that, I worked in recruitment and secondment, specifically focusing on IT, Sales and Management . While I liked the commercial role and the dynamics of the IT and tech world a lot, I decided I wanted to do something else. The problem wasn’t that I didn’t like the work, it just was not a good fit. Luckily, I ran into Can Paul Urganci, whom I knew from my youth. We both grew up in the same village. He asked me how I was doing, so I explained to him why I was looking for something else. Next Monday, he rang me and asked if I maybe wanted to hear more about SDR as a Service. Long story short: I applied for and got the position! I have been at the company for almost two months.”

What did you like about SDRaaS? 

“Well of course Can Paul knows me pretty well, so I reckoned, ‘if he thinks I have what it takes, I should trust his judgment and at least go and talk.’ But I was very happy I did, because I am very happy about the terms of employment. One important advantage is flexibility. While everyone is working from home at the moment, at some point we’ll probably go back to the office. But at SDRaaS, we are free to choose whatever works best for us. I like that we’re allowed to choose. Then there also is a lot of room for personal growth and development. I think I’ll be able to stay at the company for quite some time.”

And why did you decide to work in sales?

“I am what they call a people person, I enjoy socializing. I also think working in sales is pretty diverse: I am talking to people with many different professions and from many different industries all the time. And I like the challenge, I suppose I’m quite competitive. Turning a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ gives me a lot of energy.”

Then you must really like your current job.

“I do! The sales cycle is, of course, longer, but I think getting people to respond to your offering and agreeing to take a meeting is definitely one of the hardest parts.”

And why did you decide to work in tech?

“My father used to have his own tech company, and before that, he worked at several larger IT companies. So, you could say I have been experiencing the benefits of new technology firsthand from a really young age. And the fact that tech is changing and developing all the time also doesn’t hurt: it means that new solutions will in many cases be pretty well sought after. “

Do you have a standard day?

“Now that we’re all working from home, keeping things from becoming stale is particularly important. I am switching it up all the time, but one thing doesn’t change: I tackle the hardest tasks first. ‘Eat that frog!’, as they say. And I find going for walks around the block really helps when I feel stuck; I always return inspired from those, looking forward to try the new approach I cooked up outside.”


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